Wandering the City of Calgary in Alberta Canada

This is my first photography collection of the City of Calgary in Alberta Canada. These photos were taken in March of 2024. Reportedly, Calgary in March has a notorious reputation for dumping the most snow out of any other month. I’m personally grateful for the snow this month. I know spring is here, and there may not be much more snow henceforth.

This month marks a year with my DSLR. I’ve been blessed to do some traveling with this camera, and get to learn more about photography in general.

Calgary is a big city. It’s laid out very well, and is spread out over a lot of land. It sits on the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and is only 1.5 hours from Banff.

Here in this collection I have some photos from a walk I took through the downtown core. I entered the area on 10th Avenue and walked as far east as Centre Street. I wandered around that area, not too much though.

In summary; I have photos of the Calgary Tower, the Bow River, the Calgary Farmer’s Market, and a beautiful photo of the downtown skyline from the locally popular Crescent Heights Lookout Point.

I’m inspired by God’s work in nature, and unique urban architecture. There’s much to capture in Calgary!

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