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We live in a day and age where nearly everyone seems to be an Instagram or TikTok hero. It’s hard to believe how technology has advanced so quickly. Having a high-end camera concealed in your pocket is easier than ever. With all this convenience, everyone has become a photographer of some kind. In March of this year, I acquired my first-ever DSLR. What a difference to all my digital cameras and cell phones! I have been interested in photography for a long time. Getting accustomed to a DSLR has proven a worthwhile challenge! There’s a lot to learn, and by no means do I consider myself a professional. It’s been fun and has caused me to see potential shots differently. The amount of data collected in RAW is impressive.

Mirrorless cameras are getting really good. They are surprisingly lighter and take up less space. Their focus systems are seriously incredible at eye detection also. I suppose I am a little eclectic, old-fashioned, or perhaps just stubborn regarding new technology. Throughout my childhood and into my adult years, DSLRs have been a go-to for professionals. Big brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc., all have great camera bodies and glass. Opting for a DSLR means I have access to a massive selection of used lenses. Maybe my thinking is a little romanticized; I wanted an optical viewfinder, and the loud shutter clicks from a DSLR. And more or less, that’s why I chose it. Maybe in the future, I will get a mirrorless.

With this collection of shots, I put on display various types of “firsts” for me with what I consider a “real” camera. Some of them aren’t too interesting. There’s a lot for me to learn with all of my camera settings. Not to mention learning lighting, angles, what lens is ideal for different occasions, etc. On top of all that, I need to improve my editing ability and keep developing my own style.

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