North Van Car Shoot

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All around the world, you can find all sorts of different families. Some are big, and some are small. Some like to play football, while others like shopping. My family likes cars, trucks, motorcycles and long road trips. My sister falls less into this category; however, the guys in the family seem to maintain a constantly shared connection with everything vehicles. We like looking at nice cars, despising ugly ones, talking about others’ vehicle choices (whether good or bad, haha), and we certainly love and hate working on our own vehicles. Each one of the guys in the family has spent a considerable amount of time working on his four-wheeled machine or helping someone else with theirs. Sometimes it’s enjoyable, and other times (mainly due to weather or lack of competency), it’s very tough.

I have lost count of how many cars my little brother has owned; the number is around 15. After having several Volkswagens, he chose this white Honda Civic. He said his choice was based on fuel economy being better than his Golf. I’m not always sold on his reasons, but hey, his life, right? I’m just happy to see him in a Honda over a Volkswagen. BMW would be better, but he hasn’t gone in that direction yet. Oh well. He likes cars, and I like that about him.

Many times throughout the years, we have made spontaneous trips to Vancouver. They’ve been at any time during the day or night! And for no particular reason other than loving the highway. Highway 1 from Chilliwack to Vancouver is an absolute disaster during rush hours (and really, almost all other times). However, nearly no one else is on the road if you go out between 2-3am. Good for us. Sure, sometimes the cops have been skeptical, and our motive has been hard to explain – some people like just driving for the sake of it!

I wanted to capture a moment in time at a location we share some memories at. That’s why we chose Park Royal Mall in North Vancouver.

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